Annual Colour Competition

  1. The Entry for the competition shall consist of three digital projected images:- monochrome, colour or mixed.
  2. This ‘club’ competition is based upon a handicap system so that beginners may compete on equal terms with advanced workers.
  3. Entry may be a total of three digital projected images of one class (e.g. three portrait, three record) or three mixed digital projected images from multiple classes.
  4. Projected Images having won a first, second or third award at any Annual Exhibition may not be entered for competition, but non award or “Highly Commended” exhibition entries are eligible.
  5. No digital projected image may be entered in more than one Annual projected image competition.
  6. HANDICAPS These shall be as follows:
    1. Competitors having received a “Best Projected Image in Exhibition” award at any Annual Exhibition – Minus six points (marks out of twenty basis), reducing by 2 points each year to return to scratch in 3 years unless achieving award again.
    2. Competitors having previously won the Annual Colour Projected Image Competition – Minus four points (marks out of twenty basis),  reducing by 2 points each year to return to scratch in 2 years unless winning the competition again.
  7. All entries for the competition to be handed in on the date stipulated in the Syllabus.
  8. All entries are eligible for entry into the Annual Exhibition UNLESS PREVIOUSLY ENTERED.
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