Annual Exhibition


Trophies are to be retained by the winning author for one year from the date of the exhibition and are to be returned at the same time as submitting entries for the following exhibition. Trophies are to be inscribed and cleaned prior to return.

Rules for submitting Exhibition images

  1.  Classes of entry per category shall be as above.
  2.  Beginners winning the relevant category in the preceding rounds of the Bi-Monthly Competition are eligible to enter the Annual Exhibition for that year in the same category. Members may  enter all the classes open to them.
  3.  The maximum number of prints or projected images which a member may enter into one class is at the discretion of the member subject to grand total of no more than 8 prints and or 8 projected images.
  4.  Any prints or projected images which have been entered for any previous Annual Exhibition are ineligible for entry.
  5.  Any prints or projected images which have won major awards in exhibitions at other clubs or major photographic competitions and exhibitions are ineligible for entry.
  6.  Images submitted for inclusion in any Annual Exhibition should ideally be no more than 5 years old.
  7.  No image exhibited in any chosen mode or medium shall be exhibited in another mode or medium in the same or in any future exhibition i.e., an image submitted as a colour print may not be exhibited in the same or future exhibition as a mono print or projected image.
  8.  Entries for the Annual Exhibition should be submitted before 9 pm on the date stated in the annual Syllabus.  Members on holiday or on shift work on the due date may submit entries in advance, via the competition secretary,
  9.  Official Entry Labels are to be affixed to the top right hand corner of the reverse of printed images.
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