Bi-Monthly Competition

  1. This is a Club competition intended as a trial ground for possible future exhibition or external competition entries.
  2. Prints and Projected Images having won a first, second or third award at any Annual Exhibition may not be entered for competition but non award winners or “Highly Commended” exhibition entries are eligible Images having won at other Club or external competitions are not eligible for entry.
  3. No image once entered in one category can then be entered into another category, e.g. an image entered into the projected image category cannot then be printed and entered into the print category. Also similar images, i.e. closely related frames of the same subject taken at the same time, are excluded.
  4. Projected images may be in colour or monochrome, at the member’s discretion
  5. All entries will be taken and judged on the night of the competition. Entries may be handed in, in advance, to the competition secretary by members taking holiday on competition dates, or due to shift work, etc.
  6. An award will be made in each section and trophies are kept by the winners until the next round. All points awarded for each entry in each section are recorded and the members achieving the highest grand points at the end of round 5 will be presented with the trophy at the Annual Exhibition and will hold the same until the Bi-Monthly re-starts.
  7. If a member has a genuine reason for missing a round he or she can, in the following round only, have two entries in each section and points from both entries will be recorded. The entries for the missing round must be marked with the appropriate round number.
  8. All entries are eligible for entry into other competitions and the Annual Exhibition (excluding Chairman’s Trophy and subsequent Bi-Monthly competitions)


    1. Beginners’ Prints, (either monochrome or colour) – entry = 1 print per member
    2. Beginners’ projected images – entry = 1 image per member
    3. Advanced monochrome prints – entry = 1 print per member
    4. Advanced colour prints – entry = 1 print per member
    5. Advanced projected images – entry = 1 image per member


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