General Rules Applicable to All Competitions

  1. All competitors in any club competition must be fully paid up members.
  2. The aims and objectives of the club are to promote the highest standards of Photography by familiarisation with camera functions and techniques and to encourage the art and craft of self processing of images from image concept and capture through to image output, be it in print or digital projected form.
  3. It is the responsibility of all trophy winners to maintain their trophies in good condition and to ensure that they are engraved with the necessary details at their own expense.
  4. Excepting Bi-Monthly Trophies, winners shall hold competition trophies for one year.
  5. All trophies shall remain the property of Normanton Camera Club. Trophies for the Annual Exhibition to be handed in at the same time as handing in entries. All other trophies are required one week before the relevant competition. Trophies shall also be returned at any time upon request by any committee.
  6. All prints must be large enough to be mounted to enable them to be properly displayed. Mounts can be any form or colour. Unless otherwise stated mounts should be the standard size of 400 x 500 mm ± 2 mm along either length or width and not exceeding 4 mm in thickness. Unmounted prints are ineligible for all competitions and the exhibition.
  7. Internal print entries must be anonymised. Each member will be allocated a unique number which should be used in place of the authors name on all internal print entries. This should be placed on the top left hand corner on the rear of the print.
  8. Prints are entered for competition/exhibition at the members’ own risk. Whilst every care will be taken of members’ work the Club cannot accept liability for loss, unauthorised use or damage howsoever caused.
  9. All digital image entries should be submitted on clearly labelled memory stick or CD ensuring that there is no computer virus present. Each digital image file should be titled correctly with the name of the author and title of the image but Names or Titles must not be added into the image. Entries for the Annual Exhibition should be submitted in a folder named for each category. Images must be in JPG and RGB format at maximum quality with sRGB colour space and not more than 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high (N.B. If in portrait format, the maximum height will be 1050 pixels). Any image which is less than the maximum allowed in either direction may be filled with a colour design or texture to form a border
  10. Member Competition Levels:-
    1. Beginner – Any member who has never won a major award in any competition at this club, any other club or any major photographic competition.
    2. Advanced – Any member who has won the overall Beginner’s Bi-Monthly trophy or had a first place in the Beginner’s section of the annual exhibition will have the option of moving into the Advanced Class or staying in Beginners for one further year. Any member who as won a similar award at any other club or photographic competition will be classed as Advanced.
  11. Any member in the Beginner category may, if they so wish, compete in the Advanced class but if they do so they may not revert back to the lower category.
  12. All competition entries shall be available for selection to represent Normanton Camera Club in external competitions and images may be retained for the remainder of the season to facilitate selection for external competitions.
  13. All photographic entries should be entirely the work of a single individual made from elements which he/she has the right to use in competition and has been captured by him/herself. The act of putting one’s own name to another person’s work (writings, ideas or visual media) or taking another person’s work or part of someone’s work and makes it appear to be his/her own will be considered as plagiarism and may be subject to disciplinary action.
  14. The copyright of all entries remains with the authors. Normanton Camera Club accepts no liability for any breach of copyright by an entrant.
  15. Submission of any entry implies acceptance of the entry rules and failure to adhere to the rules will result in disqualification.
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