Gosling Trophy Competition

  1. The competition is for a ‘set’ or ’panel’ of three related prints
    1. Each member may enter a maximum of two ‘panels’ or ‘sets’
    2. Where any member submits more than one ‘panel’, one panel may be in colour and the other in mono, or both may be mono or both may be in colour.
  2. Each entry panel may be three separate, individual prints with the layout order marked clearly on the rear of the prints (i.e. 1, 2, & 3) or may be three prints mounted on one board. (maximum size 400 x 500 mm) including mount).
  3. The images must be ‘related’ – but that relationship may be according to the author’s design (i.e., by subject matter, shapes, colour etc.) – this is the author’s choice.
  4. No panel or set of prints may be entered in more than one Gosling Trophy Competition
  5. All entries for the competition to be handed in on the date stipulated on the Syllabus. All individual print entries are eligible for entry in the Annual Exhibition.
  6. A separate section for Beginners is incorporated into this competition (with separate trophy). Prints to have ‘B’ clearly marked on the rear.
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