Judge for Yourself Competition

Members are invited to experience the role of Judge for the evening by utilising their individual knowledge and skills in the evaluation of print entries.
  1. Each club member will be eligible to enter up to 2 prints.
  2. Each print can be of any size but must be mounted.
  3. Entries must remain anonymous.
  4. Entries will close at 7.45 pm
  5. Two Club members will administer the competition.
  6. Each print entry will be given a number at random.
  7. Individual member’s entries will not be sequentially numbered.
  8. The entry number will be pegged to each print.
  9. All entries will be put on display in the Club room and members will be able to scrutinise the prints.
  10. Each member will be issued with a marking sheet with entry numbers and will be invited to vote for their top 5 entries. Of these 5 they can give the following awards:
    1 x 16 points
    1 x 17 points
    1 x 18 points
    1 x 19 points
    1 x 20 points
  11. Members will not be allowed to award points to their own entries.
  12. Members administering the competition will be eligible to enter prints but will only have voting rights in the event of a tie.
  13. Marking sheets must be handed in to the Competition Administrators by 9 pm.
  14. The Competition Administrators will collate the scores and the 10 prints with the highest marks will be highlighted.
  15. In the event of a tie the Competition Administrators will have the casting vote.
  16. There will be a trophy awarded to the author of the print with the highest mark.
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